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This photograph made in 1942 at the Western Direction of the front was given to a hometown friend. The inscription on the back says
"In memory
to Sergei
from Volodia.
western direction
Western Direction was one of the strategic…

This photograph of two young men was probably made in the 1920s or 1930s, possibly in a photo studio. Both men are dressed in ill-fitting clothes.

Это фотография двух юношей скорее всего была сделана в 1920е или 1930 годы, возможно в фотостудии.…

In this photograph, two women, most probably friends, sit in a tree outside the Krasnyi Iar vacation home. The vacation home was a retreat outside the city, where a person could go for a weekend or a full vacation. The inscription reads
"d o…

This is the photo of two men in a Russian pre-revolution military uniform. The photograph was made in Kungur, in Dmitrii Dolgushev's studio. On the back there is a sign ofthe studio, a reference to the previous owner A. Andruzskii and affirmation…

This is a studio photograph of a man made most probably in the 1920s or 1930s, judging by the inscription "1 May" on the ship in the background. The young man is wearing a full traditional men's Caucasian costume: a papakha of the black sheep skin, a…

Visit portrait of two brothers, city of Perm. Based on the inscription on the related photograph, the photograph is made in the A.I. Motyrev studio between 1910 and 1917.

Визит портрет двух братьев, город Пермь. Судя по памятным надписям на другой…

In this staged photograph a woman and a child are holding newspapers. They are dressed for cold weather and are standing next to a wooden house in the snow. The woman is holding an issue of the Zvezda (star), a Perm city daily newspaper. One…

The man in this photograph sent it to his family with the following inscription on the back,
"greetings from the front
from big brother P.N.
to dear sister Lisa and mama to remember me by
If something happens do not
forget that your son (?)…

A studio portrait of mother and daughter made on February 11, 1937. Inscription on the back says, "In memory to the fool who cannot be a normal human being from the former wife and daughter. 11/II-37.Lilia 4 years."

Студийный портрет матери и…

This is a studio photograph of a man in a uniform. On the reverse side, there is a name "Beliaev, Grigorii " and possibly the age "25 years." The photograph probably dates to the late 1910s or 1920s.

Это студийная фотография мужчины в форме. На…
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